Generation Unleashed

I have had the privilege to work with the youth of the next generation for the past several years. I believe my calling in life is to be a leader, a voice, and an example for the next generation to follow. When people find this out about me, they always ask me “So what do you think about this next generation.” The following is my reply.

The first thing I tell them is that this next generation is hungry and thirsty for answers. They want to find the answer to their questions, but everyone has given up on them. Everywhere they look they see lies. They look on TV they see lies. They look in magazines they see lies. They look in movies they see lies. They look to their friends they see lies. They look in their school they see lies. Everywhere they turn the world has put in front of them lies. They have legitimate needs but they are going to illegitimate sources to try to satisfy themselves. They are hungry for someone to show them and tell them the truth. Once they see and hear the truth, they run to it by the masses.


The second thing is I believe that the enemy knows how much of an impact for Jesus this next generation can have, so he keeps them trapped in his web of lies. He knows what the Bible says in John 8:32 that once they get a hold of the truth, the truth will set them free. So he keeps putting lies all around them and prevents the people who know the truth from being bold, standing up, and telling them about it. He knows that if the next generation ever gets unleashed that they will turn this world upside down and advance the Kingdom of God in ways we’ve never seen before. But I got news for the enemy. God is raising up leaders that are letting this next generation know the truth. God is stirring up voices that are speaking into the lives of this next generation. And they’re about to get unleashed.

The last thing I tell them who ask me about the next generation is that there is still hope. There is a line that I quote to them from Hillsong United’s song “Hosanna” that says “I see a generation rising up to take their place with selfless faith.” With all that I’ve seen thus far, I see a generation rising up, I see a generation taking their place, and I see a generation being unleashed. The NewSpring Church Fuse Pastor, Brad Cooper, gave an example that puts what I have seen and believe about this next generation into perspective. He said that whenever you go to a college football game there is two types of people. There is the people who sit down to watch the game and there is the people who stand up to watch the game. If you look around the stadium, you will notice that the group that is sitting down is usually the older crowd while the group that is standing up is the younger crowd. Whenever the wave or a cheer gets going at the football game, it is always started by the student section, the next generation. Once the student section starts the wave, starts a cheer, or stands up; everyone else in the stadium starts to do the wave, starts to cheer, and stands up. I want to let you know that the wave has been started. The cheer is getting louder. And more people are starting to stand up. Brace yourself now because what you are about to hear, see, and experience is going to change this world. I’m ready. I’m part of the wave. I’m starting to cheer. Are you?


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