Church Pew or Bar Stool

Jason Aldean has a song called “Church Pew or Bar Stool” on his most recent album called “My Kind of Party.” The song is about this small town where everyone either goes to church or to the bar, there’s no in between.

There’s a line in the song that says “There’s only two means of salvation around here that seem to work. Whiskey or the Bible. A shot glass or revival.” While this line is very catchy and makes for a great tune, there’s one big problem with it. Running to the bar or going to church won’t save you. There’s only one means of salvation and His name is Jesus (See Acts 4:10-12). So many times we are like the woman at the well. We’re trying to satisfy an eternal need with a temporary source. We medicate our problem rather than fixing it. When we are in pain, we choose to take a pill to temporarily relieve the pain rather than finding the source of the pain and getting permanent healing.

We have a legitimate need but we keep going to a temporary well with holes in the bucket we’re using to draw with. It’s like the saying “If I catch a fish for someone, I feed them for a day; but if I teach them to fish, I feed them for a lifetime.” Many times we are satisfied and comfortable with someone catching the fish for us rather than learning how to catch the fish ourselves. Having someone else do it for me or medicating the problem might make it go away temporarily but it doesn’t fix it.

I have a friend who is a mechanic. He was telling me the story of how someone brought their car to him to be fixed. Now before they brought the car to him, they brought it to someone else because the check engine light was on. The way they tried to fix the problem was by disconnecting the wire that made the check engine light go on. Although this prevented the check engine light from coming on, it never fixed the problem with the car. We’re just like that. The check engine light has come on in our life and we run to the bar, the club, another job, another relationship, or even the church; and though these wells might prevent the check engine light from coming on for a while, they don’t fix the problem.

Third Day has a song called “Cry Out to Jesus.” The chorus of the song says “There is hope for the hopeless. Rest for the weary. Love for the broken heart. There is grace and forgiveness. Mercy and healing. That will meet you wherever you are. Cry out to Jesus.” Jesus tells the woman at the well that she doesn’t have to wait any longer or look any further because He is the one that can meet all her needs and fix all her problems (See John 4:26).

Whatever it is that you’re going through. Whether it’s pain, sickness, hurt, hopelessness, despair, depression, abandonment, loss. Cry out to Jesus! Run to Jesus! He is the only means of salvation that works.


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