Stages to Breakthrough

I was at work the other day and I was thinking, because that’s what I do, and God hit me with this revelation of what stages you have to go through in order to get a breakthrough. I’ve never seen this before, I’ve listened to all different messages from T.D. Jakes to Perry Noble to Steven Furtick to Judah Smith to Ron Carpenter on the subject of breakthrough, and have never heard this example used. There are 3 specific stages you have to go through for breakthrough to happen in your life that God revealed to me through the story of Noah’s Ark and here they are.

1) Hard Work-The Working Stage

Noah was about 120 years old when God told him to build an ark. God said to Noah that he was going to have to swing a hammer, he was going to have to get his hands dirty, he was going to have to do some work. James tells us that faith without works is dead (See James 2:26). I believe we never see any improvements, progress, or breakthrough in our lives because most of the time we’re not willing to put in the hard work. The servants had to fill the jars with 120 to 180 gallons of water before Jesus turned it into wine, the disciples had to split the multitude into groups of 50 and distribute the loaves and fishes before Jesus fed the 5,000, the 4 friends had to cut a hole in the roof before Jesus healed their cripple friend. So if you are wanting to see a breakthrough in your finances you’re going to first have to work to put a budget together, if you want to see a breakthrough in your relationships you’re going to have to work to love and communicate with each other, if you’re wanting to see a breakthrough in your job you’re going to have to work to put yourself in position for that promotion, if you want to see a breakthrough in your life you must first put in the hard work.

2) Trials and Tests-The Storm or Flood Stage

Noah was in the ark for 40 days and nights while it was storming and flooding. James 1:2-4 tells us that the testing and trials we go through produce patience and perseverance and when they complete their course we will be complete, lacking nothing. Paul writes to Timothy saying that those who endure through the struggles, persecution, trials, and tests will reign after they’re all over (See 2 Timothy 2:12). So what is it that you’re going through right now that you just want to give up, give in, or throw in the towel? Push through it and outlast it because in the end you will get your breakthrough.

3) Patience and Perseverance-The Waiting Stage

After the storm and flood was over with, Noah had to wait for a while until the water had subsided and there was dry land to step out on. This might be the hardest stage to go through. It’s difficult to go through because you never know how long you are going to have to wait on God and you have the temptation to try to force the issue and help God speed up the waiting process. David instructs us to wait on the Lord because He will strengthen us (See Psalm 27:14). The prophet Isaiah tells us that those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, will rise above their problem, will run and not grow weary, and walk and not get tired (See Isaiah 40:31). If you are faithful through the waiting period of life, you will gain the strength needed to carry out the calling, task, and purpose God has for you.

Lastly when Noah started building the ark, he was in the valley, but we’re told that after the flood was over; the ark came to rest on mount Ararat. God wanted me to tell whoever is reading this that you may start in the valley, but if you put in the hard work, endure through the storms of life, and are faithful to abide through the waiting process; you will end up on top of the mountain.


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