Shake Your Cup

I adapted this phrase, shake your cup, from Apostle Ron Carpenter, Senior Pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center, who was referring to the cripple beggar at the temple gate in Acts 3 when he said it. I would like to go a little deeper on this subject of using and getting the most out of what you have. Here are three things that you must do in order for God to bless you with more. You ready? Here we go.

1) You got to use and get the most of out what you have.

God isn’t going to give you any more or bless you with more if you don’t make the most of what you got or already have. If it doesn’t matter to you then it’s not going to matter to God. In order for God to move, He always uses whatever you currently have. God asked Moses “What’s that in your hand,” Jesus asked the disciples “What do you have” in order to feed the 5,000, the water jars that were used to turn the water into wine for Jesus’ first miracle were nearby and already in the house. Sometimes we let what we don’t have keep us from using what we do have. God has given you everything you need to accomplish the purpose, task, goal, and work you were created for. Other times we have been in the same condition, situation, or circumstance for so long that we have lost all hope. At first we use to be so excited and felt blessed for what we had, but after time passed and we saw no progress, improvement, or movement; our heads dropped, we stopped shaking our cup, and we stopped using what we had in the house right in front of us. So what do you have? Start using  and getting the most out of it because once you are faithful with what you already have, God will bless you with more.

2) You got to still get the work done even if you have stuff taken away.

If you lose something, somebody leaves your life, or you have something taken away; you didn’t need it to accomplish the task God sent you out to do. I never noticed this before until I heard a message from Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House, when he pointed out that the children of Israel still were able to make bricks for Pharaoh even though he took the straw away that they were using to make them with in the first place. I want to know if there is anyone out there that can still get the job done even when what you were previously using has been taken away. Is there anyone out there that will say “You can take away whatever you want, but I’m going to push through and use what I have left to still get the work done.” It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but remember Jesus will never take something away if He doesn’t intend to replace it with something greater. So keep at it. The best is yet to come.

3) You got to be faithful with what someone else has before God will bless you with your own.

This is the toughest one of them all. It’s hard to help someone else reach their goals, dreams, and purpose; but you have to be a good steward with what belongs to someone else before you will be entrusted with some of your own. Remember not to be jealous rather rejoice with them because when someone you help and are connected to gets blessed, you are next in line to get blessed. When someone else receives a harvest or blessing, rejoice because that means you are next on the list. Joseph had to be faithful with Potiphar’s household and a good steward of Egypt’s belongings before he was blessed with stuff of his own. Jesus mentions in the parable of the talents and minas that the servants had to be faithful with the master’s money before they were given possessions of their own. We need to be faithful with giving God what belongs to Him, the tithe, before He will bless us with things of our own. So what is it that you have been entrusted with that is someone else’s property? Start being faithful with that and you will eventually be given your own inheritance.

When we go back and take a look at Peter’s words in Acts 3:6, we see that Peter knew what he had and what he didn’t have. You need to know what you have and also what you don’t have. Also, Peter didn’t have what the cripple wanted but he had what the man needed.  Paul tells us that God will supply all our needs (See Philippians 4:19). You might not have or get what you want but you have everything you need in Jesus. When did Jesus become not enough? If you have Jesus, you have more than you ever will need.  So lift up you head, start shaking you cup, and go do what God has called, purposed, and created you to do.



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