Epic Fail

What do you do when what you put so much time, effort, energy, resources, and even money into in order to make it happen or bring it forth fails? What happens when you do everything you know how to do to the best of your ability and nothing works?

This happened to me recently. The other night there was an event a friend of mine was putting together. I had invited, promoted, spent my time, energy, and effort. It finally came to the time of the event and no one I had invited showed up. It was an epic fail. I immediately became depressed, distressed, and discouraged. All my efforts seemed to have been in vain. I asked the question “what do I do now?”

God quickly pointed out to me an example of the same situation in the Bible found in Luke 5:1-11. Peter had been out fishing all night and he didn’t catch a thing. After Jesus was done speaking to the crowd, He told Peter to go out fishing again. Peter didn’t want to go fishing in the same place he had just been, but he did it anyways because Jesus said to.

Just a little side note. We always get on Peter for blowing it all the time. We mention how he always puts his foot in his mouth, how he cuts off the guys ear, how he denied knowing Jesus, and how he took his eyes off Jesus. We never mention how Peter was the only one out of the 12 to walk on water, how Peter answered Jesus correctly when Jesus asked who they thought He was, and how Jesus said that Peter would build His church. I want to know how many of us would have said to Jesus “because you say so, I’ll do it.” How many times do we want to hold a debate with God, try to understand why He wants us to do something, or give God excuses why we can’t do what He told us to do. How many Peters do I have out there that will say “I don’t care if I already have tried it, if it’s the same place where I got hurt, disappointed, or failed before, if I don’t think I can do it, if it’s going to make me step out of my comfort zone, or if everyone else is telling me not too; but because you said to Jesus, I’ll do it.” How many of those people do I have that are reading this? How many Peters do I have out there?

Ok now back to what you do when everything you’ve tried has failed. Peter went back out, did what Jesus told him to do, let down his nets, and caught so many fish that they almost broke his nets. Looking at this situation with Peter in Luke 5, the only thing I can see that Peter did was that he kept throwing out his nets. God told me you got to keep throwing out your nets. I don’t care what you’ve done before, keep throwing out your nets. If you’ve tried everything and it’s failed, keep throwing out your nets. If you’re exhausted, depressed, disappointed, or discouraged, keep throwing out your nets. Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t give out, keep throwing out your nets. Paul tells us not to grow weary in well doing for in due season we will reap if we don’t give up (See Galatians 6:9). Bishop Dale Bronner, Senior Pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, said “True success involves failure, brokenness, and humility. Don’t count yourself out because you have failed. Failure pre-qualifies you for success!” Sooner or later, eventually, you’re going to catch something if you don’t give up.


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