Listen Up

I hear so many people today ask the questions “How do I hear God’s voice?” and if I do hear His voice “How do I know it’s Him speaking to me and not the pizza I ate last night?” I recently have been reading T.D. Jakes’ book “Wisdom from T.D. Jakes,” I ran across the chapter called “Wisdom in Hearing God,” and I thought about the answers to these two questions.

The prophet Habakkuk is inquiring of God and when he finally gets an answer from Him, we find four keys that unlock the treasure of God’s voice (See Habakkuk 2:1-2).

1) Stay in your post, your sweet spot, your grace zone, your delegated position (Habakkuk 2:1a)
David writes “Be still and know that I am God” (See Psalm 46:10). So many times we stray from where God has placed us or has graced us to be searching for an answer to our questions. If we would just be still, stay in our sweet spot, and not try to be something we’re not, we would be able to hear God when He is speaking to us. So don’t think you have to go somewhere else or be someone or something else. Just be still and know that God is God.

2) Go to the highest place, the secret place, look in anticipation and expectancy (Habakkuk 2:1b)
David tells us that he who dwells is the secret place of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty (See Psalm 91:1-2). When you go into the secret place, you get so close to God that everywhere He goes you are there in His shadow. David also mentions how God is his shelter and his strong tower (See Psalm 61:3). When you go from being on the ground looking up at your problems to being in the tower looking down on your problems, your anticipation, expectancy, perspective, and vision change. As soon as these change, you should know that there is a shift that is about to happen in your life. It wasn’t until the expectancy of the cripple at the temple gate changed that he received his healing. The writer of Hebrews tells us that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (See Hebrews 11:6). So anticipate and expect that when you ask God something that He is going to answer you.

3) Be prepared to give an answer, to move, to act, to take the next step, to respond (Habakkuk 2:1c)
Just because you don’t hear something from God right away doesn’t mean that you have been denied. Most of the time you have been delayed in order that you might prepare yourself so when God does give you an answer you will be ready to act upon it and you won’t miss out or lose anything that He has for you. We tend to give up, quit, or throw in the towel when our response from God is delayed. We miss out on the opportunity to prepare ourselves during this down time that God has given us. So if you haven’t gotten an answer from God yet, don’t waste this down time but use it as preparation so that you’re ready to move when God calls you.

4) Write down the vision, what God says and make it understandable, adaptable, clear and concise (Habakkuk 2:2)
Psalm 29:18 says that where there is no vision, the people perish or cast off restraint. If you don’t write down what God tells you and you don’t have any vision, then God’s not going to speak to you. If it doesn’t matter to you, then it’s not going to matter to God. When God speaks to you, write it down. The most helpful thing that I have done is getting a small notebook and jotting down different things that God has spoken to me or revealed to me through His word. If you start to write it down, you’ll remember it. Also make sure that when you write down what God reveals to you that you make it understandable. If you can’t understand it, then you’re not going to be able to apply it. If you make it clear and concise, then you will be able to adapt and apply it to your life. So start writing what God says down, make it clear and concise, so that when you read it, you will be able to adapt it, apply it, and run with it.

Lastly, the prophet Jeremiah writes call upon the Lord and He will answer you (See Jeremiah 33:3). If you want to hear from God, you need to call to Him. If you’re not talking to Him, asking Him questions, or calling upon His name, then you’re not going to hear from God. So start calling upon Him today and see if He doesn’t tell you things that you couldn’t even imagine.


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