Which Person Are You?

When I was looking through my studies, I ran across three situations where certain people chose to stand out and certain people chose not to. They challenged me to rethink about what person I am and I hope they do the same for you.

In 1 Samuel 13:22 we are told that when it came time for battle none of the soldiers had a sword or a spear. The only two people who had a sword was Saul and Jonathan. Now Saul looked at what he had and not only did he hold himself back from doing anything with it but he also kept the whole army back from advancing. Jonathan, on the other hand, took what he had and used it to kill twenty men. Not only did Jonathan use what he had, but he also took his armor bearer along with him and the armor bearer ended up following behind Jonathan killing men too. Are you using what God has given you? Are you helping develop the people around you or are you keeping them back from reaching their full potential? Be like Jonathan. Make sure people are better off for being associated with you.

The second group of people we find when Jesus is going around healing people. Jesus was traveling up to Jerusalem for a feast. When He got to Jerusalem, He approaches a man who had been lying by this healing pool for thirty-eight years. Jesus asks the man if he wanted to be healed from his condition (See John 5:1-6). Now in Mark 10:46-52, we see the story of Blind Bartimaeus. Jesus and his disciples are in Jericho and are about to leave the city. Bartimaeus had been sitting by the roadside begging and when He heard that Jesus was passing by, he began to shout out to Him. Many people were telling him to shut up, but Bartimaeus shouted louder and even more than before. Jesus stops what He’s doing, calls Bartimaeus over, and asks him what he wanted Jesus to do for him. Are you waiting on Jesus to take notice of you or are you going to do everything to get His attention? Is Jesus asking you if you really want to be healed, be set free, want you’re dreams to come true or is He writing you a blank check? When Jesus asks you a question or tells you to do something, do you give Him excuses or do you give Him answers? Don’t be like the man at the pool. Be like Bartimaeus and do what my brother and I like to say to each other “Get after it!”

Lastly I found two different instances of people in a boat. The first is when Jonah is running away from God. He gets into a boat going toward Tarsus. All of sudden a severe storm hits and in order for the ship and the crew to be saved, they have to throw Jonah overboard (See Jonah 1). The second is found in Acts 27:13-44. Here we find Paul on a ship sailing for Rome. All of a sudden, the ship is caught in a storm. Because of Paul’s instructions to the crew, the ship was lost but everyone on the ship made it to land safely. Are people better off with you in their boat or not in their boat? Be like Paul. Be the one who saves the people and not the one who is the reason why they are caught up in a storm in the first place.

I heard a saying that has stuck with me “Some people watch things happen, other people make things happen, and others wonder what the heck just happened.” So which one are you? Are you using what you have? Are people advancing because they are with you? Is Jesus asking you if you really want it or is He writing you a blank check? Do you give answers or excuses? And are people better off with you in the boat or out of the boat? You can wonder “what if” or you can make history. Get after it and be the difference today!


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