Who am I?

Who am I? As I think about that phrase, it presents two very mind-boggling questions. Here they are.

1) Who am I, that God would be mindful of me?

Why would the God of the universe think, care, or want relationship with us? Casting Crowns sings a song called “Who am I?” that is very powerful in addressing this question. Why would the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-surpasing God want anything to do with a lost, screwed up, jacked up, messed up people like us? The author of Hebrews tells us that when Jesus went to the cross, He was thinking about us (See Hebrews 12:2). It boggles my mind and is so amazing to me whenever I think about that. I meant so much to God that He would send His son to die in my place. I don’t know your situations or circumstances in life, but you should never think less of yourself. You are special, you are chosen, you are loved, you are redeemed, you are forgiven, and you are the apple of God’s eye. Instead of asking who am I, remember who God is, how gracious, how merciful, and how loving. This leads me to the next question.

2) Who am I, what’s my purpose in life?

Why am I here? What reason was I put on this earth for? When I look at the different examples in the lives of people in the Bible, I see two common denominators in each person’s life. The first is whenever they seemed to get away from every one else, all the distractions, and all the hindrances, that’s when God would show up and they would hear from Him. The truth is that God is always there. God tells Joshua that He will never leave him or forsake him (See Joshua 1:5). Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So if God would never leave Joshua and God doesn’t change, then He won’t leave us today. The problem is that we tend to have so many other things going on that we lose sight of God and stop hearing from Him. He’s still there and He’s trying to get our attention, but because of our busy schedules, certain distractions, or circumstances life throws our way, we seem to miss out on what He wants to tell us. Pastor Judah Smith, Senior Pastor of the City Church, asked this profound question recently. He said “When did Jesus become not enough?” So many times we are looking further, looking for something else, or trying to do it on our own, and we overlook Jesus who is more than enough and was there all the time.

The second denominator is whenever they seemed to seek after God and find out who He really is that is when God revealed to them who they really are. When God showed up to Abraham, He first told Abraham who He is then God told Abraham who he is (See Genesis 17:1-5).  Jacob wrestled with God all night but it wasn’t until he asked who God is that God then revealed to him who he really is (See Genesis 32:28). Jesus asked the disciples who they thought He was. When Peter knew who Jesus is, then Jesus told Peter who he is (See Matthew 16:15-19). If you want to know who you really are, then you must first know who God really is. We are promised that if we seek after God with our whole heart, we will find Him (See Jeremiah 29:13). Jeremiah tells us further on that if we call on God, He will answer us and show us great and mighty things that we did not know (See Jeremiah 33:3).

So remember that you are special, chosen, blessed, forgiven; get alone and eliminate all the distractions, hindrances, and things life throws your way; and seek after God with all your heart in order to find out who He is. Then you will find the answer to your question: Who am I?


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