Choose Wisely

I heard something from a Pastor recently that fascinated me and totally changed my thinking. He said that God is not in control. Now before you start to not listen to the rest of this post or close out of the site, please read what else I have to say. I’m not saying that God doesn’t own everything cause He does. David tells us that the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who live in it (See Psalm 24:1). But God is not in control of what goes on. For instance if I own a car and I let one of my friends borrow it, while my friend is driving the car, he is in control of what happens. He pushes the gas or slams on the breaks, he turns it to the left or the right, and he goes forward or backwards. I still own the car, but he is in control of it as long as he is behind the wheel.

God gave Adam the authority and dominion to rule over the earth. Adam lost that authority when he sinned, but when Jesus came, lived, died and rose again, He gave us back the keys to the Kingdom (See Matthew 16:19). So we are in control of what goes on in our lives and the way we do this is by the choices that we make each and every day.

In Deuteronomy 30:19, God tells us the He has put before us blessings and cursings and that we should choose life. In other words, the choices you make can either make or break you. Are you choosing life in every situation, circumstance and decision or are you putting to death everything good that God wants to do in you and through you? I can pray and trust God all I want, but if I don’t make decisions that lineup with His Word then it does me no good. In order to receive God’s promises, presence and power in my life, I need to make sure every choice I make lines up with His Word.

The choices and decisions that you make today determine your future. I heard Apostle Ron Carpenter, Senior Pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center, say “The power of your tomorrow lies in the seed you sow today.” So if you don’t like the harvest that you are getting change the seeds that you are planting. This is called the law of sowing and reaping. Galatians 6:7-9 tells us that whatever a man sows that is what he is going to reap. For example if I go out and plant apple seeds, I can’t expect to get oranges, I’m going to get apples. The same is true in our lives. If we plant good seed, we are going to receive a good harvest but if we plant bad seed, we are going to get a bad harvest.

If you have made some bad choices and have sown some not so good seed, don’t worry or fret there is still hope for you. We serve a God who is gracious and merciful. Mercy is when you have made bad choices and because of that you are going to reap in accordance to those choices but God steps in between you and what’s coming your way and takes it upon Himself. Lamentations 3:21-23 says that we have hope because God’s mercies are new every morning. When we cry out “Lord have mercy,” He hears us and sends help on the way. That is the very reason God sent Jesus. Because of His great love and mercy, God sent Jesus to step in between us and what we deserved coming our way and to take it upon Himself in order that we would receive what we don’t deserve, His grace.

Are you choosing life or death? Choose wisely today in order that your tomorrow may be bright. Choose life!


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