Have you ever been in a place where you have done everything you know to do but you’re not making any progress forward, you’re just stuck?
Have you ever been sick of where you’re at in life and asked God I’m done hear, I’m ready to move on?
Have you ever told God I’m ready for you to take me to where you have called and purposed me to be?
I know how you feel. I have recently asked those same questions. While I was questioning God, He revealed to me the answer to all of the questions I had.
In Mark 6:45-53 and John 6:16-21, we see two different accounts of the same story of Jesus telling the disciples to get into a boat and to go over to the other side. Now I know at the point when they’re are walking to the boat there had to be at least one disciple questioning what Jesus had told them to do. He probably said something like “The last time we got into a boat and went over to the other side it didn’t go so well and Jesus was with us. Now we’re going to do the same thing but this time without Jesus.” Isn’t this the same way God usually stretches our faith. The first time through the storm we could see or knew He was with us, but the next time through He’s still with us but we can’t see Him or know that He’s there.
Now it says that the disciples got into the boat, started toward the other side, got about half way, they were straining and rowing as hard as they could, they had done everything they knew how to do, yet they were stuck. Now this wasn’t the first time the disciples were out at sea, this wasn’t their first rodeo, most of them were fishermen, they knew what to do during certain situations out on the water, but they were stuck. The same thing happens in our lives today. We’ve been there before, we know what to do, we’ve tried everything that worked before, but still we’re stuck.
Now the Bible wants us to know, that Jesus saw the disciples struggling out on the water, started walking out to them, and was going to pass by them. Now I believe that everything in the Bible is written in there for a reason. I don’t think Jesus was going to pass the disciples by because He didn’t care for them. I think He wanted them to recognize Him and acknowledge that they needed Him. So many times in our lives Jesus sees us struggling and comes walking out towards us, but we don’t recognize Him and acknowledge that we need Him. So many times Jesus is coming toward us to get us out of the mess we’re in, but we let Him pass on by and remain stuck where we’re at. Don’t let Jesus pass you by today.
As Jesus was about to pass by the disciples, they cried out to Him. Jesus answered their call. I’m so glad that when we cry out to God, He hears us and answers our call (See Jeremiah 33:3). The Bible goes on to say that when the disciples were willing to let Jesus into their boat, immediately they were unstuck and reached the other side. So many times Jesus is right there, knocking on the door, and we got to be willing to let Him into our situations, circumstances, and lives. I believe that as long as you’re not willing to let Jesus in, He’ll just stand at the door and you’ll be stuck right where you’re at.
Will you let Jesus in? Are you willing to allow Him to take you to the other side? Get unstuck today!


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