Second Chance Opportunity

In basketball the team that has the most second chance points is usually the team that wins.
In baseball the team that commits the most errors and gives the other team extra outs is usually the team that loses.
We see this in the world of sports a lot, usually the team with the most second chance opportunities is the team that wins. I am so thankful that God didn’t leave us where we were but sent Jesus in order to give us a second chance. We see in the Bible stories of many second chance opportunities, here are just a few that God has pointed out to me.

The blind man at Bethsaida that Jesus healed in Mark 8:22-26 first had to be taken out of where he had been. Some of you in order to get your breakthrough you need to let Jesus take you out of where you are or what you’re in. The first time Jesus touched him, he got his vision but it wasn’t clear. Sometimes the first time Jesus touches you or tells you to do something, it changes your vision but it still might not be clear. But thank God Jesus doesn’t leave us there. Jesus touched the blind man the second time and he saw everything.

The second story is when Elijah was fleeing for his life after the greatest breakthrough that he ever had, calling fire down from Heaven. In 1 Kings 19:4-8, we find Elijah worn out from ministry, full of fear and doubt. The angel of the Lord appears to him, touches him the first time and he regains everything he had lost. Sometimes when Jesus touches the first time, He restores all that you have lost and has been stolen from you. The second time the angel touched Elijah, he was strengthened and went out on that strength for 40 days. Elijah only lasted 1 day on his own strength but lasted 40 days on God’s strength (See Philippians 4:13).

In Daniel 10:15-19, the first time God touched Daniel, his mouth was opened. When God touches you the first time, He gives you the ability to speak in order to change your circumstance and situation. If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart, then you will be (Romans 10:9). The second touch from God, strengthened Daniel and he was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do.

The last example is when Peter walked on the water in Matthew 14:22-32. The first time Peter walked on the water, he responded to the Word of God and took a leap of faith. Apostle Ron Carpenter made a great point that our Sunday school teacher taught us wrong. Peter didn’t walk on water, but he stepped out and walked on the Word of God. I also heard a great perspective from Pastor Judah Smith. He said that everyone talks about the first time Peter walked on the water, but nobody talks about the second time Peter walked on the water. The first time he walked on the water he was walking alone, but when he began to fall Jesus caught him, immediately, and the second time he walked with Jesus on the water. Sometimes if we can just take those first few steps of faith, Jesus will catch us and walk with us the rest of the way.

I don’t know about you but after God pointed out these few examples to me, I couldn’t help but thank God that He didn’t leave me where I was but sent Jesus to give me a second chance opportunity. I wrote this to encourage you and also let you know that you too have been given the same second chance opportunity. All you have to do is receive it.


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